There Are Close Calls, and Then There's This

Horst Saiger’s & James Cowton’s Oh-s&%t moment at the Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Mann TT is a showcase of two types of awe. On the one hand, the amazement from feats of speed such as Michael Dunlop's fastest lap. But on the other is the shock from catastrophes and near misses.

This is the latter.

James Cowton lost the front end of his BMW S1000RR on Monday on the 11th milestone of the course. At this point, he then slid into both an advertising banner and the Recticel barriers. These barriers have been a significant upgrade for the TT course, and played a crucial role in saving Cowton's life.


However, this crash was not over as Horst Saiger starts to close in at race pace, barely missing the rolling Cowton.

Quick reflexes and new safety tech are one thing, but luck is another. And luckily for Cowton, he did walk away from this accident.