Interview with Ducati Corse Director Gigi Dall’Igna

“Business as usual”

Gigi Dall’Igna headshot
Gigi Dall’IgnaCourtesy of Ducati Team

The father of the Desmosedici GP17 enjoys Ducati's new strength with three "red" bikes in the top 5. Andrea Dovizioso's victory in front of the Italian crowd at Ducati's home GP is the dream of every Italian rider and a big relief for the Italian manufacturer.

On the eve of the Italian GP Jorge Lorenzo said that a win was possible but he was unable to continue his success at the Mugello track - always on the podium from 2009, including five MotoGP wins. After a strong start and briefly leading the race he finally finished 8th. Despite the frustration, Lorenzo was under the podium to celebrate the success of teammate Andrea Dovizioso and satellite rider Danilo Petrucci because Ducati is more than a team: it is a family.

For Dall’Igna, this is the third success since he joined Ducati. With Lorenzo’s podium in Jerez and Dovizioso’s victory in Mugello, the future looks bright, but Dall’Igna is a realist. His approach to Catalunya this coming weekend is calm and methodical.

andrea dovizioso and ducati team celebration
Celebrating Andrea Dovizioso's victory at MugelloCourtesy of Ducati Team

What a perfect race!
"Dovizioso's win is memorable. It was a first to see an Italian rider on an Italian bike win at Mugello. But Petrucci also did a fantastic race and we can't forget Bautista – three Ducatis in the top five! During the race I hoped for a 1-2 finish but I know that Honda and Yamaha are giants."

Did you expect this win?
"We ran a private test here at Mugello with the factory riders and Michele Pirro to prepare for the race. The test was positive but during a test you are alone - you cannot understand your strengths without comparison with the other teams. Anyway, I'm always optimistic."

Could Mugello be the turning point of the 2017 season?
"Winning at Mugello is fantastic, but we must stay calm and work methodically. For sure this win will give Dovizioso extra motivation and can be a boost also for Lorenzo."

jorge lorenzo jerez podium
Jorge Lorenzo on the podium in JerezCourtesy of Ducati Team

When will success arrive for Lorenzo?
"I hope soon, in this season."

What will it take to make this happen?
"From his side, a bit more confidence but we also must work to meet his needs. We must do this together. Lorenzo's talent has never been in question, for he has won many races and five world titles. He knows how to win, to dominate. It is important now to lighten the pressure around him."

Lorenzo said this bike requires a completely different riding style and that after Austin the bike hasn't changed. Are new parts coming soon?
"You cannot make drastic changes during the season. There is a development plan that has been slightly changed because the early season has not gone as we expected. The results always influence the riders' feelings, but we must look at the whole picture, not only at the last events. Of course I was worried, but I knew that we could do better starting from Jerez and in fact Jorge finished on the podium."

When we will see the new fairing?
"We are working on it; I think we could introduce something different in the second part of the season."

jorge lorenzo, gigi dall'lgna, andrea dovizioso
Jorge Lorenzo, Gigi Dall'lgna, and Andrea DoviziosoCourtesy of Ducati Team

What is the easiest mistake to make in these situations?
"When results are not coming it is easy to fall into confusion. This is the worst thing to do. It is important to stay calm and keep working."

What will you do after the Mugello win?
"Act as if nothing happened and continue working as we have done so far. We are not where I would like to be, but it's also true that we have learned a lot from these difficult races".

Dovizioso is second in the world standing, 26 points behind Vinales. Are you thinking of the championship?
"I don't want to think of the championship. The next target is to do well in Barcelona and I don't know if we will be able to repeat what we did at Mugello. In a way the two layouts have some similarities but at Montmelo the level of grip is lower."

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