As the sun rises over a quiet Kentucky morning in June, you can hear the birds chirping and the breeze in the trees. The grass is tall from a wet winter and everything is beautifully green. Suddenly a crack in the silence sends the birds flying away as Hayden Gillim starts his new Indian Motorcycle Scout FTR750 and turns the throttle. The rear wheel spins as Hayden takes the Scout lap after lap on his private track, this is Man in a Van with a Plan Season 3.

If you have followed the previous seasons with Man in a Van with a Plan, you will notice that a lot has changed. Hayden has decided to move from the AFT Singles class to the Twins class where he will be riding one of Indian Motorcycle's Scout FTR750s. In this third season of the Man in a Van with a Plan, Hayden will be competing in four rounds of American Flat Track Twins class for the Cycle World Indian Motorcycle team. Hayden has chosen the Sturgis Buffalo Chip TT on August 5 as his first race, followed by the Black Hills Half Mile on August 7, then one of his favorite races, the Peoria TT on August 18, and finishing the MVP run at the Springfield Mile on September 2.

Hayden Gillim
Gillim has been putting the MVP Indian Scout FTR750 through its paces at his backyard training track.Nik Wogen

Having done so well on the AFT Singles races over the last couple of years on a 450, it made sense to compete in the Twins class, despite Hayden not having too much seat time on a race-prepped twin. Fortunately, having a private track in his backyard and some Kentucky racing DNA in his blood, Hayden took to the FTR quickly. Starting with the stock bike, Hayden found that he was able to make it work very well out the door, surprised by how well the bike was able to hook up in the corners and also take some large jumps.

“I’m thinking about putting some knobbies on this thing and really get after the berms,” Hayden says.

A few weeks later and a short amount of seat time, a care package arrived from Roland Sands Design with a selection of wheels. The wheels came in various widths and weights to cater to the rider and the track they would be used on. After a quick call with RSD’s project manager, Cameron Brewer, Hayden got the breakdown of what has worked well for different riders and what might work well for him.

With the help of S&S, Gilliam has his FTR750 ready to go for the Buffalo Chip TT.Nik Wogen

Adding to the program and preparation, S&S sent out one of its tuners, Chad Herman, to help Hayden dial in the bike. Chad and Hayden spent an entire day changing setup on the bike, such as fitting a two-into-one exhaust system that can take the abuse of the grueling jumps at the TTs and relocating the footpegs for Hayden’s 6-foot frame. After taking a bike that already was working great and making it better, it was hard to wipe the smile from his face as he rode lap after lap until sundown.

With a few weeks until his first race and a couple of crashes on his backyard track, Hayden feels ready to go after it in the rounds that he has chosen. Stay tuned for more with our Man in a Van with a Plan, Hayden Gillim.