Endurance: N2 Superbike Challenge Race Results

New roadracing endurance series inaugural event yields great turnout

Witchkraft Racing - Eddie Kraft, Taylor Knapp, Gene Burcham
Witchkraft Racing - Eddie Kraft, Taylor Knapp, Gene Burcham.Matt Kraft

This past weekend at PIRC (Pittsburgh International Raceway Complex) was ground zero for N2’s inaugural Steel City Superbike Challenge 4-hour endurance race. Twenty-eight teams participated in the event and provided no shortage of excitement, right down to the waiving of the checkered flag.

Robert Cichielo, N2 CEO comments, “We were extremely pleased with the turnout for this event and how well it was run from start to finish, not to mention the 4 hours of excitement that followed. We’d like to thank all of the teams for their participation and look forward to making this a race series for 2017.”

We’d like to offer special thanks to the WERA officials and staff, PIRC’s control/corner worker staff, Twisted Speed Racing and the N2 crew.


  1. Witchkraft Racing - Eddie Kraft, Taylor Knapp, Gene Burcham
  2. DLNQNT Racing - John Palmer, Ryan Manotti
  3. Army of Darkness - Chris Peris, Ben Walters


  1. Apex Racing - David Grey, Joe Blasius, John Fitz, Richard Harris
  2. Bobblehead Moto - Emerson, Amaya, Daniel Kaepernik, John Kremenik
  3. Twisted Speed Racing - Corey West, Eziah Davis, Aaron Borello


  1. RBOM - Chris Parrish, Michael Copoulos, Simon Buric
  2. Chief's Racing Team - Greg Reisinger, Jeremy Haynes, Jonathan Cowles, Paul Rudolf
  3. Cymbal Monkey Racing - Scot Nelson, Ron Perel, Dave Sanders

For more information: www.ridelikeachampion.com