Ars Technica: Weather And Timing Kept Canet From Winning Pikes Peak

A technology site tells you what Canet won't

Don Canet Pikes Peak
Don Canet and his Pikes Peak Victory Race bike.Jeff Allen

Few editors at motorcycle magazines understand motorcycle racing as well as our own Don Canet. He hadn't even gotten home from the hill before all of us in the office discussed every coulda/shoulda/woulda possible about Don and the other guys' runs. But racing isn't coulda's or woulda's - it's dids. And that's why someone else had to tell this story. Because all Don will tell you is what did happen.

And while Don didn't win (the overall, his time of 10:17.813 was the best electric, but bested by four seconds by Bruno Langlois from the heavyweight class), he should have. The lovely folk at Ars Technica dive into more: