Tinker Hatfield is Nike's vice president for Design and Special Projects and has been responsible for a large chunk of the most iconic sneaker designs in popular culture. He is revered by sneakerheads for Air Jordan models 3 to 15, Air Max 1, and Air Trainer. While many know him for his design work, few know that he is an avid motorcyclist and at times looks to motorcycle and automotive design for inspiration. We are told he is a reader of Cycle World. Thanks for reading, Tinker!

Hatfield says riding is a way to block out work and the daily stresses of life.Colorblind

Recently he sat down with Gabe Yeh of the creative agency Colorblind to talk about his creative design process. From his private studio in Portland, Oregon, the discussion turns to motorcycles. Hatfield recalls how Michael Jordan shamed him into moving up from scooters to motorcycle, why he enjoys riding so much, and how motorcycles influence popular culture.