2018 Suzuki DR-Z125L

If Goldilocks had a playbike, this might be it.

2018 Suzuki DR-Z125LCRS

Every enthusiast needs a bike like this in the shed, or barn, or garage, or trailer. That’s because the DR-Z125L, like Goldilocks’ porridge, is just right for everyone. It’s low enough and light enough (196 pounds, brimming with fuel) for teens and smaller adults to handle, but large enough for 6-footers to ride. It has acceptable power for good riders without being the least bit intimidating for neophytes. And it’s so fuss-free that it practically needs no attention. Just keep the fluids and filters clean and the chain lubed and adjusted.

A perennial member of the Suzuki’s off-road lineup, the DR-Z125L is actually a bit old-school, with kick instead of electric starting, a carburetor instead of fuel injection, and a two-valve, 124cc, air-cooled engine rather than a four-valve, liquid-cooled mill. But who cares, let’s talk about fun! The fun part is getting back to basics. Turn on the fuel petcock, engage the carburetor enricher, and swat the little 123cc single to life. After a brief warm-up, it’s time to throttle up, slip the clutch, and start playing. Nothing better.

Likes: Tons of fun in a super-simple package.

Dislikes: Electric starting and "tall handlebar" options would be nice.

Verdict: A universal, fun-for-all playbike.

2018 Suzuki DR-Z125L Specs and Pricing

MSRP $3,249
WET WEIGHT 196 lb.