DYNO VIDEO: 2016 Yamaha FZ-09

Hat trick triple on the Cycle World dyno.

Yamaha's Cycle World Ten Best winning FZ-09 is the epitome of what we love so much about modern naked sportbikes. Thrilling engine performance, sporting chassis and suspension and a relatively comfortable ergo offer the trifecta sure bet. The 847cc inline-triple's broad torque delivery makes this a do-all sporting motorcycle that works as well in commuter traffic as it does when the road narrows and twists.

The FZ-09’s D-MODE (“Drive Mode”) offers a choice of three throttle-control maps labeled A, STD, and B. While A and STD modes produce identical full-throttle power graphs, A offers sharper throttle response in the low-to-midrange revs than STD. Toggling to B via the handlebar thumb button further softens throttle response and reduces top-end output to the tune of about 10 hp.