Yamaha 03GEN-F and 03GEN-X - FIRST LOOK

Wild new concepts prove that Yamaha keeps looking for new ways to enhance personal mobility.

Yamaha continues to probe the unique possibilities that the "Leaning Multi Wheel" front suspension of the Tricity scooter might offer. Under the code name "GEN," Yamaha has created a generation of concept vehicles that explore new solutions for individual mobility, all created in a way that reflects the company's "Refined Dynamism" design philosophy.

The Yamaha 01GEN of 2013, you may recall, was a large three-wheel motorcycle. The Yamaha 02GEN, which followed the 01GEN, was an electric-powered wheelchair!

Now, Yamaha has created two more concept vehicles, the 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x, both of which have similar chassis and employ the Leaning Multi Wheel front suspension. The Yamaha 03GEN-f is the “future racing” concept. As such, it features a streamlined body, 17-inch sport wheels, radial tires, and a powerful three-disc braking system. The Yamaha 03GEN-x is the f’s rougher and starker counterpart, fitted with spoke wheels, knobby tires, and daisy-style rotors for the front disc brakes.

Will these concepts materialize into some form of production Yamaha? At this point, your guess is as good as ours.

03Gen-f photo #1

03Gen-f photo #2

03Gen-f photo #3

03Gen-f photo #4

03Gen-f photo #5

03Gen-x photo #1

03Gen-x photo #2

03Gen-x photo #3

03Gen-x photo #4

03Gen-x photo #5

03Gen-x photo #6

02GEN photo.

TriCity photo.