Our 12 Best Motorcycle Photos of 2014

We asked Cycle World's staff photographer to choose his 12 favorite shots from 2014. Here they are, with captions provided by our long-time ace behind the lens

indian cruiser at death valley

Photo #1

Sometimes, you just get lucky. While shooting cruisers near Death Valley, I pulled to the side of the road to talk with our riders about some other possible locations. But when the other riders rolled up, voila, I could see that the light in that spot was perfect. This is the shot.Jeff Allen
motorcyclist cruising on a highway road

Photo #2

Is it any wonder why I like working with this goofball? Here's Cycle World contributor Ryan Dudek, simultaneously demonstrating his skill and enthusiasm for motorcycles.Jeff Allen
motorcycles cruising on the highway

Photo #3

Normally, I travel to our photo shoots by motorcycle. I feel that it gives me a rider's perspective. Looking in my side mirror while scouting locations inspired this shot.Jeff Allen
bmw tourer on a highway road

Photo #4

Lens flare and backlight can be tricky. But when it works, it really works.Jeff Allen
motocross bike kicking up dirt

Photo #5

A dry and dusty motocross track may not always be the most fun, but it certainly makes for great photography.Jeff Allen
kawasaki h2 superbike studio front view

Photo #6

Planning the photo shoot of a top-secret new motorcycle is always great fun. A perfect example: shooting Kawasaki's H2, before many people knew the supercharged bike even existed. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds?Jeff Allen
naked bike catching air

Photo #7

It helps when your rider is a former pro motocrosser. See that jump? Can you hit it?? Clearly, it wasn't a problem.Jeff Allen
mule motorcycles custom yamaha superbike

Photo #8

Here's a little detail about this custom Yamaha, which was built by Mule Motorcycles and appeared on our January cover. The paint on the bike was literally still drying as I photographed the bike in the Cycle World studio! Evidently, Richard Pollock had to work double shifts to get the bike finished in time.Jeff Allen
motorcycle wheelie action

Photo #9

I work with some very talented riders. Still, I thought it might too much to ask Ryan Dudek to wheelie around a turn that was covered by a thin layer of dirt. Apparently not.Jeff Allen
sportbike motorcycle action at the track

Photo #10

A low angle helped me catch the action at a track day.Jeff Allen
adventure bike with surfboard attached

Photo #11

Bikes, boards and Baja. Riding on the beach, surfing, wheelies, and fish tacos. What's missing? Nothing, I'd say.Jeff Allen
jared mees flat track action

Photo #12

AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National Champion Jared Mees, hanging it out at the Pomona finale.Jeff Allen