PHOTO GALLERY: Two-Stroke Extravaganza

Highlights from the 17th annual Hooligans’ Two-Stroke Extravaganza.

close-up of two-stroke engine

Cook's Corner, a biker hangout situated in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains along Santiago Canyon Road in Orange County, has catered to the Harley-Davidson crowd for decades. Last Saturday, though, the potato-potato-potato rumble of Milwaukee exhaust was replaced for about half the day by the ring-a-ding-ding of two-stroke motorcycles that came to Cook's for the Hooligans Two-Stroke Club's 17th annual Two-Stroke Extravaganza. We were there, too, to admire this big variety of oil burners and grab some pictures to share. While the photos capture the wide variety of two-strokes that showed up, there's no way to digitally replicate the characteristic smell of their castor-tinged exhaust. Guess you'll have to make a point of attending next year!

Viva Espana! 1969 Bultaco 250 Pursang.

Looks like a Webco cylinder head.

Yamaha RD200.

Honda MB5 with a water-cooled CR125 engine.

Beautiful Kawasaki street tracker.

Fins and more fins. Even one that?s broken off.

Daytona Special.

Suzuki Cyclone 400. A powerful machine with 40 horsepower. Common ?injury forces sale? bike back in 1971.

Suzuki Cyclone 400. A powerful machine with 40 horsepower. Common ?injury forces sale? bike back in 1971.

Suzuki taxi from the Phillipines?

?all original, replete with a device that takes coins and tokens.

Pristine Taco minibike powered by a single-cylinder Clinton two-stroke engine.

Variety: Little Honda MR50 and Italian-made Indian; big 1965 Greeves with a Villiers engine.

A beautiful pair of Yamaha RZ350s, plus an RD200.

Yes, that?s a Husqvarna.

This Go Kart Cycle (from Azusa, California) is powered by a West Bend ?Power Bee? two-stroke.

1965 Greeves with a Villiers two-stroke.

Greeves gas tank, 1965. They don?t make ?em like that anymore!

Clean custom.

This Rokon Trail Mototractor was powered by a Chrysler two-stroke. Yes, a Chrysler.

Ram Air: Suzuki GT550.

Ram Air: Suzuki GT550.

Two-strokes everywhere you looked.

Three-cylinder Honda NS400R.

V-twin-powered Honda NSR250R SP.

1986 Suzuki RG Gamma 500. Powered by a twin-crank rotary-valve square-four!

Honda MT250. A street-legal Elsinore?

Clean RDs everywhere.

1996 Honda NSR250R.

Suzuki 400.

Yamaha RT1 360 Enduro.

Yamaha Moto BMX bike. Not a two-stroke, but cool. Guy wants $1200 for it.

Cylinder Heads R Us.

Note the beautiful stainless steel expansion chambers on this Kawasaki triple.

Another Husky. Radial head, two-stroke simplicity.

The owner of this Yamaha races flat track at Perris.

Same Suzuki is a rare Walter Wolf edition. F1 fans are reminded of Jody Scheckter.

Kawasaki 250 triple. Just imagine the size of those three tiny pistons.

1973 Yamaha LT2 100.

The Water Buffalo! The radiator of this Suzuki GT750 looks like it could be repaired at a local truck stop!

1957 Sears/Allstate moped made by Steyr/Daimler/Puch in Austria. Unrestored, but cool. Still riding on what look like original Semperit tires.

Little Puch two-stroke engine has forced-air cooling.

Two-stroke connecting rods work well as trophies.



Little Italian-made Indian from the early 1970s.

Honda MR50: a small version of the Elsinore MXer.

Gotta get home on the old Suzuki two-stroke enduro.

Another clean custom.

Quite the fairing on this Yamaha RD400.

Santiago Canyon comes alive with the sound of Yamaha two-strokes.

Event poster.

Event post