UPDATE: Cannon Ball Centennial Ride

We’ve reached Indianapolis, Cannon Ball Baker’s hometown!

riding through a historical covered bridge

Please have a look at some of the pictures I’ve taken from the last two days of riding on Cannon Ball's trail. Our group has dodged some big rainstorms, and we’ve had some fantastic riding weather. The city of Greenville, Illinois, welcomed us with a police and fire escort, plus a delicious meal. Best of all, event organizer Don Emde was given a key to the city, and a proclamation from the mayor.

Last night we stayed in Indianapolis, Indiana, Erwin Baker's hometown. It’s also where Baker won the first race ever held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a motorcycle event in 1909. It was appropriate to visit Baker’s gravesite this morning. Tonight we plan to make it to Columbus, Ohio. In two and half days, we’ll roll into New York City...

Historic covered bridge on the National Road (Highway 40) near Terre Haute, Indiana. Yes, Baker rode over this bridge exactly 100 years ago on his way to New York.

Robert Pandya and Randy Aron in front of the old state capitol building in Vandalia, Illinois. It was built in 1836.

Moto mailbox in Vandalia.

Everywhere a sign.

This morning we rode in the rain to Erwin Baker's gravesite in Indianapolis and paid our respects.

That's Barry Hathaway with Mucho Bill, Randy Aron, and Chris Carter.

The museum at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has two of Cannon Ball Baker's motorcycles on display. Don Emde is sitting on the 1909 Indian that Baker rode to a win at the famous racetrack that same year.

Impressive United States Post Office in Springfield, Ohio.