Update: Cannon Ball Centennial Ride

Yesterday, we made Trinidad, Colorado. Today, we’re in Dodge City, Kansas.

Don Emde action shot

Two days’ worth of pictures today—from our stint from Socorro, New Mexico, to Trinidad, Colorado, which we did Tuesday, and from our ride today to Dodge City, Kansas. Yes, Erwin Baker was here in Dodge 100 years ago today.

Yesterday, my father, Roger Hathaway, rode with us from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Trinidad, and most of the guys on the ride enjoyed checking out his BMW R75.

The treacherous mountain roads are behind us, and we're officially now in Middle America. Please take a look at my pictures and enjoy what some of us have seen on this commemorative ride, which features an impressive variety of motorcycles and riders.

Interesting mote: After Erwin “Cannon Ball” Baker finished his record-setting cross-country run to New York in May, 1914, he returned to Dodge City in early July and competed in the Dodge City 300, the most famous motorcycle race in the country at that time. We rode out to the site of the two-mile oval dirt track this afternoon, and tried to imagine what it must have looked and felt like on race day with 15,000 spectators present.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we head to Kansas City.

There goes event organizer Don Emde, leading the group toward Dodge City, Kansas, with Fisher Peak in the background.

This historic adobe brick building outside of Trinidad, Colorado, has seen better days. Was it standing when Baker putted by on his Indian 100 years ago today?

Don Emde turns a wheel in the Kansas dirt at the site where the Dodge City 300 motorcycle race was held 100 years ago.

A picture from the Dodge City 300 race in 1914. That's Erwin ?Cannon Ball? Baker at far left.

Go, Don go!

Hello, Middle America.

Mr. Hathaway, Barry?s dad, rode with the group to Colorado.

Barry?s dad made lots of new friends.

Cannon Ballers.

Pizza Nite!

Yamaha, Meet Buick.

You know the stereotype that Kansas is flat as a pancake? It's true.