Better Life Technology Parking Pads

Better Life Technology Parking Pad Product image

Better Life Technology Press Release:

After years of development, Better Life Technology has created a process to imbed detailed graphics directly into poly-vinyl, assuring that the graphics last virtually as long as the vinyl. This process, called G-Floor Image is used by BLT to create a collection of unique, stunning Parking Pads that complement your bike and beautify your garage, show space, or any place you park your bike and/or car.

BLT’s Parking Pads looks like they were painted on, except that with these pads, there are no pain staking preparations required; or a time consuming curing time. The floor simply rolls out and lies flat; creating a beautiful, rich space that complements your bike.

BLT’s new Parking Pads are available in two surface patterns and three sizes (10X20’, 7.5X17’, and 5X10’). There are several checked patterns to choose from. The Pads are extremely durable and heavy enough that they do not need to be glued down in normal applications.

BLT’s Parking Pads protect floors from nearly all common garage floor chemicals. They are easy to maintain, 100% recyclable, and made in the U.S.A.


- Heavy-Duty "MM" Grade Material is "Kickstand Tough"

- Easy to move and clean with soap and water

- Textured design controls liquids and debris

- Cushioned comfort reduces fatigue


5 ft x 10 ft: $239.14

7.5 ft x 17 ft: $608.70

10 ft x 20 ft: $934.78

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