Video: Bonneville Streamliner On The Dyno

Turbo Hayabusa-powered motorcycle will shoot for 400 mph this summer.

Sam Wheeler and the frame of his Streamliner

Sam Wheeler, 70, of Arcadia, California, seeks to break the motorcycle land-speed record this summer with a run of 400 mph (or more) at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. His vehicle: the Parts Unlimited/E-Z Hook streamliner, which is powered by a turbocharged 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa engine built by Vance & Hines.

The four-cylinder powerplant, expected to make 500 or 600 horsepower, mounts in a chassis with a new center section and transmission, plus a toothed belt drive, new wheels, and a 450-mph-rated tire from Goodyear.

In this video, produced by Ignition3, we see the streamliner in action on the Vance & Hines dyno in Santa Fe Springs, California, where the new engine and drive system were tested. Sure, the video is a tad commercial in flavor, but it’s a behind-the-scenes look we typically wouldn’t get elsewhere, so enjoy.

By the way, the current motorcycle land-speed record is 376 mph. The fastest Wheeler has gone at Bonneville is 355 mph in 2006. He has been pursuing the motorcycle land-speed record for 50 years.

Parts Unlimited/E-Z Hook streamliner.

Sam Wheeler and the streamliner's shell.

Streamliner frame.

Rear swingarm in progress - view #1

Rear swingarm in progress - view #2

Rear wheel.

Instruments and gauges.

Turbocharged 1300cc Hayabusa engine - view #1

Turbocharged 1300cc Hayabusa engine - view #2

Beautifully machined aluminum shows the hand-crafted nature of Sam Wheeler's streamliner.

Belt final drive needs to transmit gobs of power and is fortified with carbon fiber. That Goodyear is speed-rated at 450 mph!

On the lift.

Parts Unlimited CEO Fred Fox and Sam Wheeler.

World Champion Eddie Krawiec.

Terry Vance and Sam Wheeler.

Byron Hines at the lathe.