AMASBK: Round #4 - Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Result Report (Video)

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Series win streak alive, notching his third victory in a row today. However, unlike his previous two blowouts, Rapp's Mid-O win was earned by only fractions of a second -- both at the race's start and its conclusion.

Polesitter Rapp found himself in danger of missing the start altogether when the zipper on his leathers got stuck and then was ripped off in an attempt to free it. As his opponents took the warm-up lap, Rapp scrambled for a solution and jumped into a pair of borrowed leathers just in time to mount his machine and make the race.

He immediately dropped several positions down the order as his tires warmed up but then started systematically working forward. He ultimately arrived at the front, overtaking an on-form Travis Wyman. Wyman didn't back down, however, and challenged Rapp to the checkered flag.

Onboard with Steve Rapp - Barber Motorsports Park - 2013:

Rapp won by a scant 0.173 seconds over Wyman, who also finished second in the day's SuperSport race.

Rapp explained what happened with his leaders: "It's so embarrassing... It's never happened ever in all the years I've raced. The zipper got stuck and I couldn't get it up or down. Then we were really getting on it and the whole zipper broke off, so I had no suit. Luckily the guys from Surburban ran back and got me Brice Cooper's suit. I put it on last second. I missed the warm-up lap and jumped over the wall just as they were taking the grid, but I was able to go from my grid spot."

Meanwhile, Tyler O'Hara won out in a three-man scrap for third, edging ahead of Rapp's teammate, Ben Carlson, and reigning class champ Michael Barnes.

Eric Stump, Nicholas Hansen, Josh Chisum, Hayden Schultz, and Shane Narbonne completed the top ten.

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The 2013 GEICO Motorcycle AMA Pro Road Racing season will pick right back up next weekend (July 19-21) in Monterey, California as the series shares the spotlight with the global superstars of the MotoGP World Championship for the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

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