Kriega Overlander 60 Dual-Sport Luggage

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Kriega Press Release:

The Kriega Overlander 60 soft-sided, waterproof dual-sport pannier system provides the cargo-hauling capacity of traditional hard luggage with the crash-surviving properties and weight-saving advantages of soft bags.

Consisting of four water and dust-proof 15-liter Kriega Overlander Drypack bags fastened to a pair of high-tech, quick-release platforms, the British company's flagship luggage set was built for adventure.

Designed by hard-core riders, rigorously tested in extreme conditions and ruggedly constructed the 60-liter system securely mounts to standard 18mm pannier racks from Touratech, Metal Mule and KTM Power Parts, which are available for the most popular, lightweight dual-sport and off-road bikes, along with heavyweight champs such as BMW's R1200GS.

Key to the Overlander's chameleon-like adaptability is Kriega's ADV Platform. CNC-milled from tough, low-density thermoplastic, they're virtually impervious to damage from impact or twisting, despite weighing just 2.5 pounds each. Secured to aftermarket pannier frames with four tenacious 6061-T6 aluminum clamps per side, the system can be configured in a number of ways that allow the bags to clear mufflers and bodywork.

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Two of the four clamps are micro-adjustable and have quick-release cam levers. Once set up, the slim luggage set is simple to mount and dismount - invaluable when navigating tricky trail sections that can't be tackled with full bags. The Overlander's ADV Platforms are also designed to accept multiple 1-gallon RotopaX fuel and water tanks, hauling up to 8 gallons of fluids far from the beaten path.

When the inevitable rock, tree or crash impact occurs, the Overlander 60's narrow quartet of soft bags don't crush, ding, crack or pop open to leave their contents strewn along trails, and help keep the back of riders' calves from being bruised while "paddling" out of sand or mud.

Secured to the platforms with stainless-steel fasteners, the 15-liter Overlander Drypacks are made from sturdy 1000 Denier Cordura. The system's separate bags offer expandable carrying capacity and the ability to compartmentalize the items put in each. For added convenience, all contain removable, washable, waterproof liners.

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A generous 14.6 inches tall, 9.4 inches wide and 6.7 inches deep, the bags have a pair of compression straps to securely cinch down any load and limit width. The combined weight of two bags, a platform and its hardware adds up to just 5.7 pounds.

Kriega luggage systems, ergonomic backpacks, hydration setups and accessories are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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