The Best Bar in America Movie Trailer

Motorcycles, open road and an open bar—coming this Spring.

Ever want to put a bullet in your watch, load up your sidecar and chug whiskey straight from the bottle every night while you get ready to camp next to your rig? Oh, I hear a chorus of yeses out there…

Okay, so maybe we all can't do that in real life, but movies about freedom, good times and motorcycles can take us away from the daily grind for a bit. A new film called The Best Bar in America looks like it delivers an entertaining escape exactly along those lines. Directed by Damon Ristau and Eric Ristau, the film chronicles the adventures of Sanders, played by Andrew Rizzo, a writer whose life falls apart to the point that he leaves it all behind him and hits the road to find the best bar in America. As he sets out, he meets Northway (in a bar, of course), played by David Ackroyd, who thinks the adventure sounds like fun and decides to hop in the sidecar to travel along with Sanders.

Says the YouTube description attached to the trailer: “A whiskey-fueled writing assignment takes one man on an epic motorcycle road trip through the bars and taverns across the American West. Riding a 1960 BMW R60/2, the journey leads Sanders from the red rock deserts of Arizona and Utah north to the mountains of Montana. With help of fellow traveler and sage, Northway, and a variety of other colorful characters along the way, Sanders learns the way of the road and the Zen of the bar.”

Yeah, “Zen of the bar.”

It's due for release this Spring. Watch the trailer and check out