Is the Ducati for Everyone?

Actually, it seems to fit a 6-foot-2 big guy not so bad at all…

Editor-in-Chief Mark Hoyer set to take out the 2012 Ducati Panigale S

That's what the ad for Monza Junior 160 asked in 1966, years before the little factory in Bologna would turn out its first V-Twin. In those days, Ducati was already marketing itself against the Japanese onslaught with "quality craftsmanship," the "skillful attention" it paid to every detail and bragging about its gear-driven overhead cam. In spite of all that, at just $229, the Monza Junior was less expensive than many of "the mass-produced jobs." Forty-six years later, the base Panigale won't set you back much more than your average non-Italian literbike, but the tariff on Editor-in-Chief Hoyer's Panigale S would have bought you 100 Monza Juniors back in the day. Then again, you'd need that many to make the claimed 195 horsepower. Big power or not, thankfully, some things never change—like the steely eyed, glad-banana-in-mypocket machismo that drives the CW crew ever onward. Ride like the wind, Signore Hoyer!

Ducati Monza Junior 160 magazine ad