Horex VR6 1200 Roadster Update

Production set to start for narrow-angle six-cylinder streetbike.

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Horex will soon begin production of its VR6 1200 Roadster at a new factory in Augsburg, Germany. "Premium" Roadsters are scheduled to start rolling off the assembly line within the next few weeks.

Quality will be of the highest level, says Horex, thanks to the adoption of an assembly procedure based on the “one-man, one-bike” principle. Using this approach, a single technician builds an entire motorcycle from start to finish, from fitting the first frame bolt to testing the completed machine on a dynamometer.

Components will be assembled using four workstations, starting with the hybrid aluminum/steel frame. The narrow-angle triple-overhead-cam engine, electronics package and ancillary bits and pieces will follow in an orderly sequence. Workers will record each step of the assembly process on a computer to confirm that “great quality and personal care is poured into each bike.” In fact, Horex’s production plans are based on a quality-over-quantity criterion.

Rate of production will only increase once every Roadster produced meets the factory’s standards, which are based on those of the German automotive industry. For now, Horex is only going to build pre-ordered bikes custom-configured for their soon-to-be owners.

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