Best Superbike: EBR 1190RS - Ten Best Bikes 2011

This year, Six is better than Four.

Best Superbike: EBR 1190RS

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In normal times, our Best Superbike would be the amazing BMW S1000RR again—the bike Wagner envisioned the Valkyries riding in his opera after he’d had a few absinthes. But these are not normal times, and we’re suckers for American-built V-Twins that make an EPA-ready 160 horses, weigh 384 pounds, are covered in dark carbon-fiber and built by a guy who makes Rocky Balboa look like Paris Hilton with menstrual cramps. True, so far Erik Buell’s only built a few EBRs, and the 1190RS does cost $40,000. But when have we ever let practicality get in the way of our Best Superbike? Besides, if all goes according to plan, EBR will soon be cranking out mainstream versions for around $20K. If anybody knows nothing ever goes according to plan, it’s Erik Buell. And he never lets the bastards wear him down.