Husqvarna TE630 - Long-Term Update #1

Middleweight adventure-enduro.

Husqvarna TE630 - Long-Term Update

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Another sub-classification is the last thing motorcycling needs, but the term "adventure-enduro" somehow seems appropriate for Husky's largest-displacement offering, the TE630.

When we first rode the TE last spring in northern Italy, our route included a nice mix of dirt roads and asphalt but only a small section of single-track. During our limited time on the bike, we appreciated its versatility, but we really wanted to get our hands on one back home in California. Our first chance was the annual Cycle World Trek, a three-day dual-sport trip held in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Yosemite National Park.

“On tight trails, the TE630 can be a handful,” said Off-Road Editor Ryan Dudek. “Handling leans more toward big adventure bikes than lightweight enduros. But, as single-cylinder dual-purpose bikes go, the additional power is nice, making the TE much more enjoyable to ride on asphalt and fireroads.”

Unfortunately, an unplanned meeting with a rock put a hole in the left engine cover, requiring a trail-side epoxy-weld fix. We’re awaiting a replacement cover, hence, the low mileage.

What made the TE so tempting for us as a long-term testbike is that Husky and a number of aftermarket companies, such as Touratech, offer accessories like luggage racks, tailbags, sidecases and tankbags that should make the 630 a lighter, more off-road-capable competitor to the BMW F800GS and Triumph's new 800 XC. We've already begun outfitting the TE with aftermarket goodies from Zip-Ty Racing. Next time, we'll provide a rundown of the modifications we've made to date and how those

Total miles:|253
Next service:|600
Maintenance costs (including tires):|$0
Repair costs:|$86.99
Average fuel mileage:|44 mpg
List price (2010):|$8999