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It would seem like the task of mad men, or at least someone suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder: Choose Colorado, a state known for its spectacular motorcycling, ride 40,000 miles of its roads and note the precise global-positioning system coordinates of the best rides.

Court Butler and Justin Bradshaw aren’t crazy. They just wanted a super-detailed map of Colorado so they could decide on the best roads to ride based on the amount of time off they had from their jobs. At the time, Butler was selling carpets while Bradshaw was painting houses.

“Most motorcycle maps show loops that are suggested routes,’ said Butler. “What we found was that a loop of, say, 300 miles might have only 50 or 75 miles of really exciting riding.’

Along with partners Scott Calhoun and Court’s father, Fred, the Butler Maps team spent the better part of two years creating the Colorado motorcycle map. It features a rating system in which the state’s most exhilarating segments of roadway are colored gold (known as a G1), red (G2) or orange (G3).

“If it’s colored, it’s a good road,’ said Bradshaw, “but there’s an awe factor involved in G1s that is indisputable. Just being flowing, twisty, really tight or having sweepers—that will be a G2 or a G3, but it won’t make it to a G1 until there’s all of that plus a view or a 1000-foot drop below you.’

Bradshaw said the maps tell riders when a road becomes boring, allowing them to branch off and try a different route. Elevation changes, a climate guide and local motorcycle shop listings are included.

Butler Maps has since added maps of Southern California, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. The waterproof, tear-resistant maps retail for $14.95 to $19.95. Look them up at