2011 KTM RC8R - First Look

Austria updates its V-Twin-powered entry in the superbike wars.

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KTM continues to hone the 1195cc (105.0 x 69.0mm), dohc, four-valve-per-cylinder, 75-degree V-Twin that powers the new RC8R—the hottest of the superbike models based on this compact and lightweight engine. The thorough re-design is said to help it produce 175 hp at 10,250 rpm, and 93.7 ft.-lb. at 8000 rpm. KTM claims a nice compromise between peak torque and peak power, to help give the unit flexibility. Major changes include a new crankshaft and revised combustion chamber, now featuring heads with dual sparkplugs for each cylinder.

Due to the compact nature of the mill, KTM was able to create a chassis with a wheelbase spanning only 56.1 in. The trellis-framed structure incorporates the engine as a stressed member. Front-end geometry is set at a steep 23.5-degrees rake with 3.8 in. of trail. Claimed dry weight is just 406 pounds.

006 2011 KTM RC8R

005 2011 KTM RC8R

004 2011 KTM RC8R

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002 2011 KTM RC8R

001 2011 KTM RC8R