Sharpie Ducati - Special Feature

Sometimes it is all black and white.

Photography by Jody Whitsell

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Artist Jody Whitsell has only been riding for two years, both dirt and street, but when she bought a very plain white Arai helmet, her son suggested she “Sharpie” it. An artist who normally specializes in colorful dog portraits, Whitsell felt this was her chance to step outside of the box and do something personal. A little clearcoat later, the helmet was a huge hit.

After purchasing a red Ducati Monster S2R that had suffered some cosmetic damage, Whitsell decided to paint the Duc white and Sharpie the entire bike! Seventy-five hours and 20 markers later, she ended up with the bike you see here.

Adorning the S2R are things that define her personality, cartoon characters such as Homer Simpson, Stewie and Brian from Family Guy, Yosemite Sam and her favorite, Daffy Duck. She even hid Waldo somewhere on the bike to keep people looking. Adding the words “Sharpie Edition” above the Ducati logo on the tank confuses people, but she gets a kick out of their reactions. “It does kind of look like a production model at first because my drawings are very tight and crisp,” said Whitsell. “When people start reading the things on the bike—which are personal—they get really confused. Then I tell them I drew it by hand with a Sharpie magic marker, and they’re speechless!”

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