Karting, Conti-Style

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What's a host to do when nasty weather blows through and puts the day's planned mountain road ride on hold? Well, the Continental tire folks had a perfect answer to getting a grip on said situation at the ContiRoad Attack 2 press intro this past week in Hannover, Germany.  Following lunch at a diner located in the middle of one of the largest multi-line motorcycle dealerships in all of Germany, our group headed over to Ralf Schumacher's Kart & Bowl.

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None among us elected to bowl. The indoor kart track was sweet, and the karts were quick enough to leave me with sore ribs after completing a pair of 10-minute sessions.  There was plenty of bump-and-grind going on out there between rival moto mags with fast time going to _Sport Rider'_s John Olsen.

As for me, I coulda been a contenda had _Motorcyclist'_s Ari Henning not put me into the wall. That's okay; we all know who was boss on two wheels around the road course the previous day. But as the saying goes, you're only as good as your last race.

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