Eric's Take, Part 1--Bostrom Blogs!

Hi all, and welcome to my contribution to the CW blog. While the CW staff will be working hard to make updates on the SuperBike race team and other technical things going on behind the scenes, I wanted to share a bit from my perspective.

Eric and Ben Bostrom training on mountain bikes.

Eric and Ben Bostrom training on mountain bikes in Utah.

Ben and I enjoying Utah

Returning to racing feels to be a fountain of youth in many ways. I attribute much of it to all the positive energy that influences me every day. It might be a call from the Attack Performance boys telling me what they have achieved or reading positive comments and questions on my @bozbros Twitter account or EricBostrom Facebook, the shared energy and emotion into this project is invigoration and contagious. Everything comes easier, whether it's putting in a harder effort on the bicycle or throwing down more sit ups, there is a higher limit to the output you are capable of.

That feeling is necessary to achieve on the track. A slowness and ease on the bike is where shaving time just materializes. Unfortunately, we have not got there yet. Mostly because our Barber test was a bit of a disaster. The first day we battled electronics problems on the bike as the team came up to speed with the GSX-R1000 and the second day was a total write off will a big morning crash after the chain derailed and put us in the gravel trap at mach speed. With a dagger feeling in my back that left me short of breath, getting up in the morning the first week was a process that had me slide to the edge of the bed and drop to the floor to my knees before I could get vertical. The slow healing process lasted until I met up with Scott from Sho-Air to discuss them possibly joining our effort on the race team. After watching me labor for air on the bicycle all day he suggested and then later forced me to take some muscle relaxers. For the first time I was able to get out of bed the next morning without having to fall to my knees. Case in point: Cyclists have the best drugs! As you know if you follow the sport, LOL...

Check out the Team Sho-Air web page if you get a chance. It's got really cool articles and photos/blog written by Ben on his amazing La Ruta performance and the several weeks he spent in Costa Rica last October training with Manny Prado (Sho-Air rider and eventual winner of the event). The Sho-Air Facebook page is also well worth friending to see what updates come along from their riders like legendary motocrosser and phenom bike racer Johnny O'Mara to updates about Team Cycle World Attack Performance. Matter of fact, it is Sho-Air's commitment (a freight-forwarding company that does setup and logistics for trade shows) that has taken our effort to the next level with a spare bike and the clever addition of Mid-Ohio to our schedule for the purpose of testing, a suggestion set forth by Kevin Schwantz. That and a strong effort by all our sponsors including Yoshimura Suzuki for providing an extra engine and Parts Unlimited stepping up and helping us out.

Since I have been feeling better after the Barber carnage, Scott and I have put in mega miles on the pedals. With the great coverage of the Tour de France going on it's easy to find the motivation to do so. That and some hot and very dry rides in Vegas with Ben and Nikki last weekend, which is great training for the Ironman Las Vegas this November. I want to do it again this year but I promised myself I would not until I learned how to actually swim. Getting out of the water 30 minutes behind the leader is not cool, and trying to carve away at that time deficit with 12,000 feet of elevation left on the ride and run put me in a special hurt last year that's tough to describe. But great challenges are what life is all about.

Our great challenge for now is trying to bridge the gap to the competition and the momentum they have at this point in the season. Well, my my battery is crapping out on me while I sit here in 25D on the flight to Columbus. Mid-Ohio is always an awesome place, a fun track and with great fans. Can't wait to get back on the GSX-R and twist the throttle tomorrow. I'll be posting random pics and updates so please stay tuned.



Eric Bostrom, Scott Tedro, Team Sho-Air, BozBroz, AMA SuperBike

Mountain biking on Catalina Island with Scott Tedro of Team Sho-Air

Scott Tedro from Sho-Air and I pounding pedals on Catalina Island.
Eric Bostrom, Scott Russell, AMA SuperBike, Cycle World Attack Performance Yoshimura SuperBike

Eric Bostrom with Scott Russell in the Miller Motorsports Park paddock.

Posing with the Chief at Miller Motorsports Park.