Around the World in 248 Days!

Edelweiss Bike Travel came up with something spectacular: a motorcycle tour around the world.

Around the World in 248 Days!

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Edelweiss Bike Travel came up with something spectacular to reflect the many countries in which it has operated motorcycle tours during the last three decades: riding around the world. Edelweiss owner Werner Wachter will lead the way, with additional guidance from Kevin and Julia Sanders of GlobeBusters, who hold the Guinness Book record for the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth on a motorcycle.

The trip will start at Edelweiss’ company headquarters in Mieming, Austria, on November 14, 2010. The first five-week leg departs for Paris, France, then south into Africa and Dakar, Senegal, even crossing the Sahara Desert via paved roads. The second stint commences after flying across the South Atlantic to Buenos Aires, Argentina. A nine-week journey crosses South America, stopping in Bogota, Colombia, before departing on another five-week section that crosses Central America, the Panama Canal and then heads through Mexico on the way to Los Angeles, California. After flying across the Pacific Ocean, riders sprint 7000 miles across Australia in four weeks. The final and largest stretch starts in Beijing, China, crossing Asia from east to west and then through Eastern Europe before returning to Mieming on July 20, 2011.

“We’ll take about 10 times longer than the Sanders took and will enjoy this expedition all the way,” said Wachter. “Our aim is to see the gigantic differences in the cultures of the different nations, to experience the societies at close range and witness the super-fast development of our ‘earth community.’

"So, if you recently retired, won the lottery or are already independently wealthy (cost for a single rider with shared accommodations is $101,200!) and have dreamed of heading out on a longer-than-usual ride, the Discover Our Earth Expedition ( may be right up your alley.