Best Standard: Harley-Davidson XR1200

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2009.

Best Standard: Harley-Davidson XR1200 - Ten Best Bikes 2009

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Flat-track fanatics have long pined for a street-going replica of Harley-Davidson’s all-conquering XR-750. The Motor Company finally delivered last year, rolling out to great acclaim the XR1200. Smiles turned to frowns, though, when H-D announced that this neo-vintage street-tracker and ultimate American-style standard would only be offered in Europe. Outcries ensued and–fast forward a few months–the XR is now also available stateside. Pumping out nearly 80 rear-wheel horsepower and burning through the quarter-mile in the low-12s, this is the hottest Sportster that Milwaukee has ever produced. More to the point here, with its sit-up riding position and wide handlebar, the XR1200 is comfortable and great-handling. A superb all-rounder, in other words.