Best Motocrosser: Honda CRF450R

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2009.

Best Motocrosser: Honda CRF450R - Ten Best Bikes 2009

We’re kidding, right? Actually, no. Big Red just keeps on rolling with the CRF450R, taking this honor for the eighth consecutive time! Last year, minor updates were all that was necessary to beat out the competition, including the new fuel-injected Suzuki. This year, Kawasaki’s injected KX450F came very close to unseating the incumbent. Problem is, Honda had an ace up its sleeve, unveiling an excellent fuel-injection system of its own! But it wasn’t just updates to the more-compact engine that kept Honda on top. An all-new, better-handling chassis and KYB suspension also contributed to its continued superiority. The competition crept closer once again, just not close enough.