Best Open Streetbike: Suzuki GSX-R1000

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2008.

Best Open Streetbike: Suzuki GSX-R1000 - Ten Best Bikes 2008

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Yes, this bike rips on the track. Yes, it kills in the quarter-mile. Yes, it melts the dyno with awesome peak power and an amazing torque curve. Yes, it does all this. What it also does is ride comfortably on the street, fueling flawlessly, steering neutrally and simply behaving exactly how we expect an incredibly sporting motorcycle to behave in every setting. So while there is no single element that truly sets the Suzuki GSX-R1000 apart, its combination of close-to-chart-topping performance in all measurable categories plus an absolute sweetness on the road simply allows it to be the best at doing everything. It is this overriding competence and fundamental rightness that makes the big GSX-R a true winner.