Best Enduro Bike: Kawasaki KLX450R

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2007.

Best Enduro Bike: Kawasaki KLX450R - Ten Best Bikes 2007

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Hey, wait a minute, the KLX450R is a 2008 model, how is it the Best Enduro Bike of 2007? An early release had this all-new motocross-based enduro on showroom floors in April of this year. That means it was available for testing, and we evaluate bikes based on performance, not calendar dates. We’ve been more than impressed with the KLX450R since the first mile of trail disappeared under its knobs. After a solo ride, we put it up against the rainbow of enduro offerings and the Green Machine was supreme. This bike was too good to wait another year for awards when it patently deserves the crown. The KLX defines off-road versatility; thanks to Kawasaki, the mountains and desert will now look a little greener.