Best Superbike: Ducati 1098

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2007.

Best Superbike: Ducati 1098 - Ten Best Bikes 2007

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Once in a while a bike comes along that changes the rules. Way back in 1994, that bike was the then-brand-new Ducati 916 taking Ten Best honors. Editors called the Duc, "The most sensational bike to appear so far this decade." Then added, "It balances stunning looks with performance and handling that is nothing less than breathtaking." Well, Ducati has done it again, releasing the beautiful 1098, and those same comments ring true 13 years later. Visually respectful of the iconic 916 and packing a new racing-derived Testastretta Evoluzione engine more than capable of running with the Japanese Fours, the 1098 is the most significant sportbike of '07. Good news/bad news: A $3000 price drop (from the 999) made it accessible to more consumers, but good luck getting your hands on one that hasn't already been spoken for!