AMA Superbike: Barber Motorsports Park, Alabama

Return of the Smile

Mladin, Spies and Duhamel tell it like it was after the race. Less than a second separated the two Suzuki riders in the second race.

Jason DiSalvo and his mother in the pits.

Back in the pack, close racing is the norm.

Miguel Duhamel, always the smiling optimist. He?d be happier if his Honda could match the Yosh Gixxers.

Front-runners cresting one of Barber?s many rises.

Spies and Mladin out in front, per usual...

Yamaha?s DiSalvo crests the hill.

Superbikes! Superbikes! The pack is coming.

Even when you?re winning, racing can be serious business.

Yates and Holden took a 1-2 finish in Superstock.

Young gun Josh Herrin joined the Graves Motorsports racing team last year at the ripe old age of 15.

Geoff May was okay after this messy crash.

Kevin and Tommy share a laugh together.

The starter tower is a good spot for snapshots.

Fans going wild.