Best Dual-Sport Bike: Husqvarna TE510

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2006.

Best Dual-Sport Bike: Husqvarna TE510 - Ten Best Bikes 2006

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After a two-year hiatus for a little fun with big-hearted Playbikes, we’ve reinstated the Dual-Sport category. Fueled by new entries from three different manufacturers, there’s movement in this class, and the multi-tasking, eco-friendly bikes are now better then ever. Choices range from tree-slaloming 250cc machines all the way up to 1200cc beasts, but roosting ahead this year is Husqvarna with its 50-state-street-legal line of enduro machines. And out of that group the big-boomer TE510 is the pick, a full-on race-ready bike but with DOT tires and turnsignals. Hey, the TE fulfills most every off-roader’s dream–a real dirtbike that will carve backroads, run errands and even take you to work–the long way, of course.