Best Enduro: Yamaha WR450F

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2005.

Best Enduro: Yamaha WR450F - Ten Best Bikes 2005

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Did you hear something? Nope. Exhaust system corked or uncorked, the revamped WR450F is quiet enough to keep the enviros happy (if that’s possible) while still producing enough power to give your face a grin from ear to ear. Even though every bike survived our torturous Six-Day Enduro Test, the nimble blue machine came out a tad ahead of the rest by being fun, easy to ride and the most versatile for every off-road need. Add durability to the list of the Yammie’s good qualities as well; we’ve been flogging our WR for months and have had no issues. Yamaha is going to have to work to get this test- bike back.