Best Standard: Suzuki DR-Z400SM

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2005.

Best Standard: Suzuki DR-Z400SM - Ten Best Bikes 2005

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When staffers start saying, “This bike reminds me of why I love riding motorcycles,” you know a chord has been struck. But honestly, as much as supermoto bikes are a part of the landscape around the CW offices, none of us expected the Suzuki DR-Z400SM—just a dual-sporter converted to all-street duty with 17-inch wheels, a big brake and inverted fork, after all—to be such a crushing whack out of the park. This simple, lightweight Single is inexpensive, easy to ride for beginners and crazy fun for experts. Use it to commute at light speed through the urban crawl, or shred your favorite backroad, it’s a bike that does almost everything. Including putting a huge smile on your face.