Yamaha Releases First Teaser Video for New 2017 Model

Possible new R6 on the horizon

Blame it on the ever-shrinking attention span of the consumers or the evolution of good marketing techniques, but teaser videos are now a thing. A big thing. We saw them in the launch of Kawasaki's H2R, then again as Yamaha began to introduce its latest R1, and now it looks like we're in for another run of 30 second teasers, as Yamaha just released the first in what will likely be a string of clips built around an all-new 2017 model.

The best guess is that the bike is an updated R6, as rumors had already run rampant that Yamaha was planning to update its middleweight. Unfortunately, those rumors never suggested what that update would entail, and this video doesn't answer much.

Since Yamaha appears to have put some effort and thought behind the launch of this new model, we have to imagine that the changes are vast. Think updated engine, reworked chassis, and/or all-new electronics package with riding modes and traction control, if not more.

A hugely successful model for Yamaha that has no doubt paid for any and all tooling-related expenses, the R6 has not received a major update since 2008. Back then, Yamaha made updates to the frame for a better rigidity balance, and equipped the engine with the YCC-I intake system, plus bumped the compression ratio and reduced frictional losses. Later, in 2010, engine settings were updated and the muffler was stretched out, but since then the bike has gone untouched.

Despite those years of stagnation, the R6 went on to become the bike of choice for amateur racers and professional race teams alike. As proof, 17 of the 28 bikes in the final round of the 2016 MotoAmerica Supersport championship at New Jersey Motorsports Park were all R6s (the three DNS/DNFs were R6s as well). Credit a good trackside support network and the effect of trickle-down tuning here, but also a bike that makes good peak power and has a really balanced chassis, even in stock trim.

Of course, the bike in this video could very well not be an R6 that Yamaha is teasing (in which case we'd have to apologize for the spew of words). Based on the success and overall outstanding performance of its latest R1 though, we really hope it is. Yamaha built an absolute masterpiece when it went back to the drawing board with the R1, and we imagine the story would be the same if they took the same approach to the R6. Imagine a 600 with the same amazing chassis feel as the R1, an up-to-date electronics package, and more power than any 600 that's come before it.

Thanks teaser video, you've officially done your job.

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