Yamaha Debuts 2019 Niken GT

Touring capability added to Yamaha’s groundbreaking and segment-busting three-wheel motorcycle

Niken GT adds a three-wheel leaning option for sport-touring seekers.Yamaha

The Yamaha Niken was one of the biggest conversation starters of last year’s EICMA. With three wheels that can lean, running gear based on the hooligan-friendly MT-09, and a look all its own, we came away impressed and a little bit baffled when we test rode it this year. At EICMA 2018, Yamaha has shown that this three-wheeler is going nowhere, and is expanding the line with a more touring-friendly option. Meet the Niken GT.

No wider than a traditional option, Yamaha classifies the Niken and Niken GT as a motorcycle.Yamaha

First, the carryover bits. The suspension, frame, engine, and electronics suite are all carryovers from the standard Niken, a package we found to absolutely deliver on Yamaha’s stated aim to deliver “unprecedented front end grip” for “innovation-oriented,” “experience-oriented,” or “function-oriented” riders. Not beginners, and not those looking for an easier motorcycling experience. Yamaha was very clear about placing this product for experienced enthusiasts.

Bags, comfort seat, and a larger windscreen are the major changes to add tourability to the Niken GT.Yamaha

The Niken GT takes the stated aim of the Niken, and adds content to make it more touring friendly. Namely, the Niken GT adds a wider and taller touring windscreen, specifically designed comfort seat, and quick-release 25-liter ABS side cases. For added convenience, the rear of the carrier base features integrated passenger grips.

To go with its claim that “Turns have no seasons,” the Niken GT is equipped with heated grips. And rounding out the extra features of the Niken GT is a standard centerstand.

Act fast, the Niken GT is only available through Yamaha’s online reservation system.Yamaha

If you’re interested, you better move fast. Yamaha states that the Niken GT will have limited availability, and you can’t just walk into your local dealer to get one. The Niken GT is only available through Yamaha’s online reservation system, and then the order is fulfilled by an authorized Yamaha dealer. The Niken GT has a suggested retail price of $17,299, and will be available starting March 2019.