What Do You Expect From A Motorcycle Instructor?

We want answers from an expert, delivered in a passionate, caring way

What do you do when your passion for animals leads you to adopt four previously untouched American mustangs? If your names are Nick and Judy Ienatsch, you seek education.

Experts in this particular field, like John Lyons, Chris Cox, and Craig Cameron, became our favorites for their ability to deliver instruction by telling and showing, with explanations that don't talk down to a new horse owner.

Judy Ienatsch, Nick’s wife, with her American mustang, Cheyenne.Nick Ienatsch

Other horse experts also had answers, but their messages were not always delivered in the same humble, helpful, passionate way. In the end, our horse-training favorites came down to personality, not just information.

In this audio episode of “Ienatsch Tuesday,” Judy and I discuss the attributes of a good instructor.