Watch Ken Roczen Get Retro In This Terrafirma 2 Throwback "Terrafirma 94"

Kenny takes Jeremy McGrath's old bike and re-creates his famous part from the original moto movie

Ken Roczen
Terrafirma 94 even got a 90's editing treatmentImage from video

The motocross movies from the mid 1990's were legendary, and few parts more so than Jeremy McGrath's in Terrafirma 2. The original film was released in 1995, and featured McGrath ripping his Honda CR250 around Castillo Ranch near Santa Barbara, California.

Ken Roczen, who recently moved over to ride red, was only four years old when Terrafirma 2 was released, but that didn't stop him from getting retro in this incredible throwback "Terrafirma 94."

For reference, his original part is below:

Honda actually got a hold of one of McGrath's old practice bikes and Fox came through with a retro cut kit for Kenny. Red Bull posted a behind the scenes look at the making of the video here, but make sure to watch Roczen's new film below first.

To re-create it, Roczen and Honda head back to Castillo Ranch where McGrath first filmed. I was actually out there playing around the day before they shot and Honda's team was prepping the supercross track and I can attest that the grounds are even more heavenly than they look (thanks to Terrafirma 94's retro editing treatment).

Kenny seems to be getting along with the Hondas really well regardless of the vintage and, after an incredibly strong showing at Anaheim 1, will be the guy to watch this year. Love to see that he's having some fun in the process.