The X-Games competition is always looking for ways to get bigger and better every year. One of my favorite ways they've done that is with the Real Moto contest. Real Moto is a video only contest, where five competitors submit their best take on what "freestyle moto" means to them.

Like any other X-Games competition, riders are competing for gold, silver, and bronze medals, but there's an additional "Fan Favorite" award for whichever video gets the most votes on

This year's judges include freestyle moto riders and past Real Moto competitors Steven Haughelstine, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, Robbie Maddison, and Jeremy McGrath. Check out the videos and more images from the competition below.

Overall, this year's videos didn't impress me like they have in years past. The prettiest location is probably Axell's trip to Ocotillo, which is a far cry from the Utah and Colorado locations of last years event. Additionally, the videos feel the most similar this year, without someone like Drake McElroy to mix it up by filming in downtown San Francisco.

Jackson Strong's video didn't really wow me until the end, and that was more my appreciation for taking freestyle riding back to its punk roots and blowing up a house. What's more freestyle than that? Foster's was cool in that he just launches himself into pretty much anything and sorts it out later, and Renner (who fills in the role of the competition veteran) basically just gets weird in his back yard.

I always love watching Axell ride, and it was cool personally to see him rip up a place I ride so often at Ocotillo Wells (and do it so, so much better than I do). That kid's bike control is unreal, but I feel like he could have gone bigger. And Bereman is an absolute beast and watching him throw whips is always fun, especially when it's over his house, but the video feels like it didn't get a ton of attention.

Which is your favorite video and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to vote on the Real Moto website.

Real Moto
Axell HodgesCourtesy of ESPN
Real Moto
Tyler BeremanCourtesy of ESPN
Real Moto
Jackson StrongCourtesy of ESPN
Real Moto
Ronnie RennerCourtesy of ESPN