Video: Watch as a Honda RC213V-S Gets Knocked off Its Sidestand and onto Its Pricey Carbon Fiber Bodywork

That's one expensive mishap

You've just recently plopped down a (very) significant chunk of change for one of Honda's limited production RC213V-S MotoGP replicas. Life is good. At least it is until the bike is knocked off its sidestand and onto its absurdly expensive carbon fiber bodywork by a guy paying more attention to his phone than your precious machinery. That's exactly what just happened to one Honda RC213V-S owner.

Life is a bitter beast, sometimes.

No word on the damage caused by the drop, though the title for the YouTube video suggests that the RC213V-S was, "Written off with frame damage." Whether that's the case or not, there's no doubt that this was an expensive mishap, especially when you consider that, in the U.S., the bike retailed for $184,000, and in Europe, for €188,000.

You can probably even hear a tear drop in Honda’s Kumamoto factory, where each bike was built by hand, at the pace of one per day. That means an entire day's worth of precision work, gone to waste.

Life really is a bitter beast, sometimes. Check out the video above to see how it all goes down.