Video: "Trail Masters" Takes You Through Some Of Oregons Best Riding With The Guy Who Cuts The Trails

Because there's no better way to learn than from this second generation trail cutter

We've been falling in love with getting out into the dirt and onto the trails lately although, for us Southern Californians, that usually means heading to the desert. Sand, saguaros and joshua trees, cactus, and whoops make up the bulk of our riding.

But, while we love our deserts, we have to give it to Oregon as having some of the most scenic trail riding in the country. Better yet, the Tillamook State Forest and OHV areas are one of the definitions of Oregon off road riding.

GoPro followed Oregon Forestry Specialist and off road riding lover Reid Brown around the trails he first watched his father cut, and now works maintaining himself.

This video, while not full of the high flying stunts or big roosts we're used to in a dirt video, does a fantastic job showing all the hard work and ingenuity that goes into cutting and maintaining trails as well as the culture it creates around motorcycles. Reid is a talented rider who's spent his entire life in the forest, and seems content to spend the rest of his life doing the same.

And quite honestly, after watching, I think I could be fine doing the same.