Using Yamaha’s Y-TRAC Data Acquisition System to Ride Faster

Nick Ienatsch discusses how using data acquisition is a useful tool to find flaws in your riding

Editor’s Note: This week Ienatsch Tuesday comes to you through your auditory canals rather than your retinas. Plug in your headphones, sit back and listen to Nick discuss the merits of the Yamaha’s Y-TRAC app with Yamaha Champions Riding School instructors Kyle Wyman and Mark Schellinger.

This is a single rider’s data. The yellow line is his throttle hand and the blue represents his brake pressure (in bar). These are the two most-important lines in this example. Secondarily, the red line is gear and the gray is rpm. Look just above the three zeroes after 45 near the middle of the screen. This shows the rider giving up the brake quickly and then picking up throttle too soon and too hard. He consequently had to close the throttle because the bike didn’t have direction, hurting his drive off the corner substantially.Data from Y-TRAC/Mark Schellinger
This shows two riders on the same lap with red being the quicker rider by about three seconds per lap. At the top of the screen at approximately the 0.37 mark, red stays on the throttle past blue. Now look to the middle of the screen and see how red built more brake pressure. This illustrates a simple truth: More Speed, More Brakes. The corner won’t change for you, so when you approach it faster, plan to use your more brakes. That means more brake pressure and trailing off that brake pressure (trail-braking) further into the corner.Data from Y-TRAC/Mark Schellinger