Two Nifty Neo-Choppers From North Of The Border

Twin twins

Hand-built custom
Dennis Clark is no newcomer to motorcycles, as you can see by his custom build.Jeff Allen

This article was originally published in the December-January 1998 issue of Cycle World's Big Twin magazine.

You have to admit it: These two stunning red customs are pretty similar. So much so that if you were to learn that they belong to two men with the same last name, you might logically conclude that those men are brothers, maybe even twins.

But you’d be wrong. Although they have been close friends since childhood, Dennis Clark and Scott Clark of Vancouver, British Columbia, are only that, friends. As kids, they grew up together, rode dirtbikes together, hot-rodded cars together. And now they ride their customs together.

Dennis, the first of the two to get into custom Harleys, is no newcomer to motorcycles or motors that go boom in the night. “In 1976 I was Small Wheels School Boy moto-cross champion,” he says. Then he got into cars. “I used to build hot rods, and I had a big-block ’49 Anglia that was the fastest street rod around here at the time.”

Hand-built custom
Dennis's custom features a speedo from Auto Meter and fenders both crafted by Dennis himself.Jeff Allen

That was a few years ago. Dennis still has his hot rods, but ever since Harleys “flung the craving” on him, he spends most of his spare time on his custom. “I couldn’t find the bike that I wanted anywhere,” he ex-plains, “so I figured I’d have to build it myself to get it right. The finished bike has a relationship with the old choppers but without compromising safety.”

Dennis began with a Chopper Guys swing-arm and a Softail frame that had been given a two-inch stretch, then bolted up a KT Components SofSpension kit and a Wide Glide fork, all rolling on 17-inch wheels. Geert Povlsen, an accomplished fabricator in the area, hand-made a few small components such as the rear fender braces and various other brackets.

Hand-built custom
Scott Clark saw his friend's customs and wanted in on the fun too and started making some phone calls which resulted in this beast of a custom.Jeff Allen

“These new choppers sure are a lot better-handling than the old ones,” says Clark. “And these Softail choppers are very comfortable. Those old bikes ... if you hit a bump on them you could injure yourself. But this suspension works wonderfully.”

Scott Clark thinks so, too. As soon as he saw just how fabulous his pal’s bike was going to be, he decided he wanted in on the fun and started making ... phone calls. This Clark didn’t have the hands-on inclination to build a bike himself, but he nonetheless had a large Jones for a Harley custom; so he called the people at JARZ Performance in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and commissioned them to build one. A fast one. Scott figured that if his bike wasn’t going to be the first, it would at least be the quickest.

Hand-built custom
Scott reached out to the people at JARZ Performance for his build.Jeff Allen

According to Jon Andres of JARZ, the engine had no problem whatsoever meeting Scott Clark’s high expectations. “It puts out 120 horses at the rear wheel,” he says. “We made a very square motor, four inches by four inches, and that means it wouldn’t fit into a standard frame. So, we commissioned Chopper Guys to build a frame to our specs. Once the basics of the bike were decided, we pounded out the fenders and modified the Battistini’s tank.”

Hand-built custom
Although Scott didn't have the same hands-on experience as his friend, he still had a good eye for style and speed.Jeff Allen
Bike Name: Big Guns Mr. New York
Owner: Dennis Clark Mission, British Columbia, Canada Scott Clark Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Base Machine: Hand-built custom Hand-built custom
Designer/Fabricator: Dennis Clark/Geert Povlsen JARZ Performance 33800-B King Rd. Abbotsford, British Columbia
Paint and Chrome
Molding: Dennis Clark Radar Autobody
Painter: Frank Crawl of Anra Airbrush Anra Airbrush
Graphics: Frank Crawl Anra Airbrush
Chroming: Fraser Valley Plating NA
Polishing: Geert Povlsen/Dennis Clark Langley Metal Polishing
Year: 1997 1997
Model: EVO JARZ Square Four
Builder: Dennis Clark Jon Andres, JARZ Performance
Displacement: 80 cu. in. 100.5 cu. in.
Cases: H-D STD raised deck
Lower end: Modified H-D S&S Racing, hardened flywheels
Rods: Modified H-D Carillo
Pistons: Wiseco Keith Black
Heads: Modified H-D STD/Jon Andres Stage II
Valves: H-D Baisley
Cam: Red-Shift 654 Red Shift 655
Lifters: H-D Jims Powerglide
Ignition: Dyna 2000 Compu-Fire HQ
Coils/wires: Dyna 2000 Dyna 2000
Carb: Modified H-D Zipper’s/STS Pro-D
Air cleaner: Screamin' Eagle Andres M&H
Pipes: Samson 2” stainless
Mufflers: Owner-installed baffles SuperTrapp
Year: 1997 1997
Type: Delkron case, Jims back-cut gears Delkron case, Andrews back-cut gears
Primary drive: Primo 3" belt Primo Brute IV 3” open belt
Clutch: Bandit Rivera Pro
Year: 1997 1997
Make: Chopper Guys Chopper Guys
Type: Softail, 2" stretch Custom Softail
Builder: Dennis Clark NA
Modifications: NA 350 rake, backbone raised 1”
Front Fork
Year: 1997 1997
Make: H-D Roma inverted
Type: Wide Glide Wide Glide
Rear Suspension
Year: 1997 1997
Type: Torsion bar NA
Make: KT Components Progressive
Swingarm: Chopper Guys/Geert Povlsen Chopper Guys
Front Wheel/Tire
Wheel: RC Components Wizard PM Viper Fusion
Tire: Metzeler ZR radial Metzeler ZR radial
Tire size: 130/80-17 130/80-17
Rim width: 3” 3”
Brake: Russell stainless lines & fittings, full-floating rotor; JB caliper & master cylinder PM 6-piston, 13” full-floating rotor
Rear Wheel/Tire
Wheel: RC Components Wizard PM Viper Fusion
Tire: Metzeler ZR radial Metzeler ZR radial
Tire size: 180/55-17 180/55-17
Rim width: 5” 5”
Brake: Russell stainless lines & fittings, full-floating rotor; JB caliper & master cylinder PM 4-piston, 17.5” full-floating rotor
Handlebar: Ness Ness
Risers: Custom Chrome Ness
Grips: JB Ness
Mirrors: JB Ness
Gas tank: Ness/Battistini Battistini’s
Oil tank: Chopper Guys Chopper Guys
Front fender: Dennis Clark Andres M&H hand-formed aluminum
Rear fender: Dennis Clark Andres M&H hand-formed aluminum
Headlight: H-D Ness
Taillight: Badlands Badlands
Electrics: Pro-One JARZ Jazz
Speedo: Auto Meter NA
Tach: Pro-One NA
Instruments: Ness NA
Seat: Dennis Clark Andres M&H
Foot controls: JB Pro-One
Footpegs: JB NA
Other: Hand-carved billet struts by Polvsen Machining NA