Treat Your Motorcycle Helmet With Respect

Carelessness can lead to serious consequences

Here's a quick little video about a boy and his helmet, in this case, me and my blue Arai Signet, a helmet I loved and polished and wore when riding blue motorcycles as an instructor at the Yamaha Champions Riding School.

“Blue bike, blue helmet, that's motojournalism 101,” I intoned during my (admittedly lightly attended) “How to be a Motojournalist Superstar” clinic. I then quizzed the class on which color helmet to wear on red and silver bikes. Both students answered correctly: red and silver.

My award-winning course also covers advanced techniques of motojournalism, including a list of creative excuses I have used during my career when I have somehow inexplicably missed a print or web deadline. But I digress...

In this short film produced by MotoAmerica Superbike racer Kyle Wyman, my carelessness (apologies for the salty language) is digitally documented for all time. "It was good to have Kyle involved in this documentary," I told my students. "He can be an idiot too."

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