Top Concept Motorcycles Revealed At EICMA 2019

Concepts for many motorcycle categories were revealed at EICMA.

EICMA once again set the stage for manufacturers like Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Husqvarna, and Kawasaki to reveal concept motorcycles ranging across the various motorcycle categories.

Aprilia revealed its middleweight Tuono 660 concept. BMW showcased its Vision DC Roadster and R18/2 for the electric lovers or performance cruiser fans. Ducati unleashed two scrambler concepts. Honda showed off a sport-tourer concept, and Husqvarna its adventure-tourer.

But enough of the intro, let’s get down to the bikes.

Aprilia Tuono 660 Concept

2020 Aprilia Tuono 660
As the more naked version of the RS 660, the 2020 Aprilia Tuono 660 Concept exposes a little more of the two-cylinder 660cc engine.Aprilia

The Tuono 660 is Aprilia's middleweight sportbike concept revealed at EICMA. The Tuono 660 is differentiated from the RS 660 with its minimal bodywork and raised wide handlebar. Similar features between the two include the middleweight 660cc parallel-twin engine, aluminum frame, adjustable suspension, and the triple LED front light assembly with perimeter daytime running lights situated around the main headlamps. The Tuono 660 also adopts the double fairing, best seen in the head-on image below. Electronic rider aids include traction control, anti-wheelie control, and engine-brake control, all of which are adjustable. Switching between road and track ride modes is an option for the daily rider/trackday attendee. Now that the 2018 concept RS 660 will be making its way to 2020 production, we are anticipating the Tuono won't be too far behind.

Tuono 660
The double fairing of the Tuono 660 is best seen from the front. It is claimed to prove the manufacturer’s continuous commitment to aerodynamic research.Aprilia

BMW Vision DC Roadster

BMW Vision DC Roadster
The BMW Vision DC Roadster was on display at EICMA.Cycle World Staff

Yes, you have seen BMW's Vision DC Roadster before and now you get to see it again because the Bavarian manufacturer had it on display at EICMA. Modern tech is paired with some BMW tradition on the Vision DC Roadster. Replicating the flat-twin girth are two protruding elements that are integrated with ventilation to cool the electric motor componentry. Traditional styling cues are seen not only in the boxer-mimicking width, but also in the exposed drive shaft.

BMW Vision DC Roadster
This angle provides a slight peek at the hole in the top of what would be the gas tank that exposes the longitudinally oriented battery.Cycle World Staff
electric motor
An electric motor replaces the boxer engine, however, BMW kept the traditional width with the protruding fins that also serve as a cooling function for the electric motor.Cycle World Staff

BMW R18/2

1,800cc boxer engine
The 1,800cc boxer engine returns in the performance cruiser R18/2.Courtesy of BMW

The R18 perhaps takes another step closer toward production in the latest R18/2. Note that the last R18 concept was carbureted, but this latest rendition takes on modern features such as fuel injection and LED lighting. We are also able to see that BMW has now added an airbox and side covers—components that were not seen on the previous cruiser concept. Additionally, this R18/2 has shifted gears to a much more American cruiser style than the nostalgic R5-like styling of the last model. Catch a glimpse of the R18/2 in action in the video below.

Cruiser curves
Cruiser curves from tank to tail.Courtesy of BMW
LED lighting and fuel injection are modern components on the R18/2.Courtesy of BMW

Ducati Scrambler Motard

Ducati Scrambler Motard
The Ducati Scrambler Motard has a rerouted exhaust that ends in a high muffler.Courtesy of Ducati

One of the two Ducati Scrambler concepts that the Italian company revealed at EICMA was the Scrambler Motard. In comparison with the production models like the past Scrambler Icon and Scrambler Desert Sled, this concept raises the bar, or should I say pipe, for scrambling shenanigans. As you can see, the exhaust is rerouted to end in a higher muffler, which could provide additional ground clearance.

Ducati Scrambler DesertX

concept drawing
The concept drawings promise a clean rally ride that we can’t help but dream of getting dirty.Courtesy of Ducati

According to Claudio Domenicali, the Ducati Scrambler DesertX concept design is inspired by the iconic Cagiva Elefant as well as rally motorcycles from the 1990s. With a 1,079cc L-twin engine, knobby tires, windscreen, spoked wheels, and cargo rack on the tailsection, the DesertX looks ready to head to the rugged rally terrain.

Honda CB4 X Concept

CB4 X concept
The CB4 X concept was Honda’s sport-tourer that was revealed at EICMA.Courtesy of Honda

It takes a team to complete a concept design; Valerio Aiello and a squad of young designers came together for the Honda CB4 X you see here. To give the sport-tourer concept a menacing look, the headlight with integrated daytime running lights is situated in the lower part of the fairing. Sharp angles from the fuel tank to the short tail complete the geometric concept. The trademark inline-four engine promises some substantial power delivery, because as Cycle World contributor Seth Richards put it, "Inline-fours are, after all, the gold standard of sportbike engine configurations because they're so damned good." The 17-inch front wheel on the machine hints at a sporty character of the inline-four-powered machine.

Honda CB4 X Concept team
It takes a team to tango.Courtesy of Honda
CB4 X front
The windshield is adjustable and complements the sharp line of the CB4 X.Courtesy of Honda
angular bodywork and low front lighting
The angular bodywork and low front lighting give the CB4 X an aggressive appearance.Courtesy of Honda

Husqvarna Norden 901

Norden 901
Husqvarna’s Norden 901 is an adventure-touring concept revealed at EICMA.Courtesy of Husqvarna

The CW office is excited about this concept. Not only because Husqvarna has a track record for bringing concept bikes to production, but because the manufacturer is dabbling in the adventure category, pairing its dirt background with its recent street devotion. The Husqvarna Norden 901 Concept fits in the adventure-tourer with elements like WP suspension, spoked rims, a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel, and rally styling. It is powered by an 889cc engine which is based on the parallel twin that powers the fantastic 790 Adventure and Adventure R. Now let the office-wide arm wrestling competition commence for who gets to ride this adventurer-tourer first.

Husqvarna concept bike
It has a bit of rally inspiration too, doesn’t it?Courtesy of Husqvarna
Sufficient luggage options, spoked rims, knobby tires, enclosed hand guards
Sufficient luggage options, spoked rims, knobby tires, enclosed hand guards. What are we waiting for? Let’s ride. Oh, right, production.Courtesy of Husqvarna

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