Crashing sucks. No matter the time or place, it's the most infuriating and embarrassing and painful part of motorcycling. That said, all crashes are not equal. Something Matthew Murray found out the hard way.

Matthew was riding in the Santa Monica Mountains/Malibu area near the popular snake on his Yamaha FZ-10 when he claims his "motorcycle wouldn't turn," sending him flying off the mountain and 250 feet down the hillside. Once he stopped tumbling, he called out for help before realizing he'd never be found—forcing him to climb his way back up to the road to flag a car down for help.

You can watch the incident here:

On the one hand, I feel for poor Matthew. As I so astutely pointed out (because I'm a professional motorcyclist and have been at this a long time and I'm very wise): crashing sucks. It sucks and it's scary and it's a huge hassle for weeks and months following the crash. And it's embarrassing, which is why I get Matthew's attempt to blame the bike.

The thing is, the bike didn't lock up. Matthew did. He got scared or target fixated and started staring at the side of the cliff and that's exactly where he went. And now he's on national TV telling people motorcycles are dangerous and he'll never ride again. He's right about the dangerous part; but education, training, and seat time can mitigate things like target fixation and help keep you from flying 250 feet down the hillside.

Ride safe out there, and own your mistakes so you can learn from them.