This Man Wheelied Around The Entire 37.7 Mile Isle Of Man TT Course

Teach me how to Dougie has a whole new meaning

Dougie Lampkin is a trials and endurocross racer who's been winning championships since the early 90's. With over 30 championships under his belt, including World Indoor, World Outdoor, and World Team Championships, Lampkin turned his sights to a new challenge at his home on the Isle of Man. Something Lampkin wanted wheelie bad.

That's right, on a course where riders go to prove their fortitude, toughness, speed, and lunacy, Lampkin wanted to wheelie. The whole thing. All 37.7 miles of it.

While riding the entire TT course on one wheel is incredibly impressive, it falls pretty short of the record for the longest wheelie which is held by Yasuyuki Kudo and his 205 mile wheelie at the Japan Auto Research Institute.

While I'm always a fan of using some dated metal in pretty much any video, Red Bull really should have ponied up for Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How To Dougie." Don't worry, we have you covered, just mute the video above and play the one below for the optimal wheelie-viewing experience.

You can read more about Dougie's ride here.